OK… so here is a very interesting piece of history that is almost never spoken about, given the political climate and the subject of middle eastern refugees I thought I should share this… I bet almost no-one has heard of the organization called MERRA (Middle Eastern Refugee Relief Administration) that was founded and run during world war 2…
Refugees from all over Europe (largely from Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Yugoslavia, Poland, Crete and other balkan nations) escaping the war found safety and shelter in Syria, Egypt and Palestine (primarily Syria) in enormous refugee camps for the duration of the war until it was safe and logistically possible to return to their home nations around 1946-1948… We are talking about hundreds of thousands of non-german europeans who were saved in these camps. The camp outside the city of Aleppo was one of the largest. The startling difference between this side of the coin compared to the refugee crisis today that has hit Europe is as follows…

* Vast majority of the refugees that found shelter in Syria at this time were woman and children. (Men were involved in the conflict or dead)
*Anyone in these camps were expected to work, assist in production of essential products necessary to the war effort in exchange for food, housing and safety.
*expected to help run, and maintain the camps as directed by the foundations offering monetary and logistical support for the camps with the skill sets each individual had coming into the camp. (doctors would be doctors, carpenters would help build and repair facilities. bakers would cook… )
*No-one with exception to the sick, elderly and very young got a free ride for the services they were given and the safety they were granted from the horrors of the war in Europe. *Even older children did their part and helped keep an eye out on their younger peers. *Camps even had their own forms of currency to be able to establish a self sustaining system of commerce for goods and services


The reason being this worked so well was because these refugees truly were grateful just to simply be alive and to have escaped war torn Europe, there was nowhere to hide and no-one wanted to or could take them, Russia, The United States, Great Britain included.


These were not economic refugees taking advantage of the crisis and simply seeking to be relocated to nations that offer valuable social programs, the opportunity for financial and social prosperity that was unattainable in their region or country of origin. this was truly survival.


Fast forward to today, the demographic of refugees flooding into Europe from the mediterranean into Greece and Italy by sea are Tunisians, Egyptians, Libyans, Somalia, Sudan… all over North Africa in fact…From the middle east by land through Turkey into Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, and through Hungary ( the gateway to Europe being transit nations) comes Syrians, Iraqi’s, Saudi’s, Jordanians, Eritrean’s even Afghani’s …The largest displacement of people since the second world war….Enormous amounts of incoming displaced people into Europe are not expected to work, not properly screened or registered once they arrive, and are granted financial aid and welfare assistance, housing and without being expected to give back, assimilate or conform to western societies norms and cultural values.


War torn refugees from conflict zones are the guiding principle within this mass exodus from the heart of the Middle East and the Arabian Peninsula….but great amounts of people arriving have come not to find salvation from conflict but to take advantage of valuable government programs, assistance and economic opportunity…. The EU is buckling under the financial burden it is creating, The worst effected being Greece, Germany, France, Netherlands, Sweden Etc…These are final stop destinations that offer the best government programs and aid. Countries like Poland that refuse to accept any refugees are in no way strained by the exodus, but strained by the pressure put on them by the European commission for refugee non compliance. Countries like Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary refuse to offer assistance are hardline closing borders, and aggressively trying to cope with the influx of illegals passing through, and rejecting as many as possible…they are not seeing the sheer number of asylum seekers trying to stay or permanent asylum applications because they can and will not break their economy on the problem.


Interesting to think about how 70 years ago… so many asylum seekers who received assistance, safety, and shelter through MERRA and the UN, assimilated for their time in Syria, Egypt, Palestine… worked for what they were given and then returned after the conflict ended, because they knew the world had to be rebuilt and there were no free rides forever.


And today Europe and the Mediterranean has become so strained and on the verge of breaking due to the non contingent assistance for asylum seekers and the EU’s open door refugee policy that basically embraces globalization.


Britain has left the EU with Brexit.  Greece is basically bankrupt and totally reliant on EU aid and assistance to cope (contingent on their participation with refugee aid Italy can barely handle the immigration problem and what it is doing to their GDP and fiscal budget and security overhead. France is a mess, migrant camps, violence, turmoil.. and it shows given the popularity of nationalistic presidential candidate underdog Marine Le Pen Germany is dead and center of all of it, needs no mentioning Sweden, economic and social instability list goes on… reoccurring theme is countries that offer asylum with financial assistance and welfare programs are hurting ten fold over countries that are controlling borders or trying to control the problem Open door policies with zero expected from asylum seekers and being given everything they need for free has created a crisis unprecedented in the modern era… no assimilation, no desire to work, no desire to make it back to their home countries and rebuild after these conflicts are resolved. All in All theres a reason why no-one has heard of MERRA… because the world is doing exactly the opposite of EVERYTHING that worked 70 years ago to rebuild Europe and restore the natural balance of things. MERRA doesn’t fit the narrative of the European Commission and globalization policies. History literally repeating itself from 70 years ago but a coin flip on every aspect, and its not working this time, only getting worse by the day.

Mike London
TheMeninisms Contributor
Instagram: @History_cameras_and_a_cat