“BuzzFeed is a failing piece of shit run by Satan worshipers, all hail God Emperor Trump. Praise Kek” – BuzzFeed.  That’s right, Buzzfeed’s website was HACKED by Kekistani Activists, publishing at least 2 articles. One of the articles was quickly removed, but not before this glorious screen shot was snapped.  


As of now, one of the articles still remains on the website – CLICK HERE TO VIEW 

But if it gets removed… here’s a screen shot:


And here is the text from the article:

Frogs cannot be racist you absolute fucking morons.

the Kekistani people have been long oppressed by Cuckistanis.

They should no longer hold in their shitposts in fear of being oppressed or called a bigot, racist, nazi, or whatever other Idpol term the cucks will use.

Stop the Meme Jihad

The Kekistani people are tried of being oppressed and if we do not meet their demands they may start a meme jihad on us normies in the buzzfeed community.

America should take moar Kekfugees

Kekistani people are incline to love and embrace American culture and traditions. Kekistanis are long-tme defeneders of Communist and Marxist agendas plaguing our world.

Kekistani people belong in most of America naturally.

The sad part.

Many Kefugees are dying while trying to gain access to America 😦

Click the link to view the article in its entirety, complete with glorious pepe memes, before it’s too late.