Shia Labeof’s “He Will Not Divide Us” livestream has been hacked once again.  This time, it took a lot more effort.  Trolls, Trump supporters, heroes, 4channers, and people who just can’t stand the screeching left had continued to troll the NY livestream until Shia snapped and was arrested for assaulting one of them… so they moved the stream to Albuquerque, New Mexico… where it was also shut down after it was continuously hijacked by trolls. But now this… this took trolling to an impressive new level.  

Shia decided to move the livestream to an undisclosed location, where he would keep the camera pointed at a flag waving in the sky, as to not reveal it’s location, reading the message “He Will Not Divide Us.”  The 4chan trolls would not be deterred.  They began to study the planes flying over the flag, and took note of the times.  During the night, they studied the star patterns behind the flag.  When a picture of Shia in Tennessee surfaced, the trolls decided to focus on that area.  At this point, they were able to narrow down a few suspected locations.  They had a local 4channer drive around honking his horn, and sure enough… they pegged the location.


In the middle of the night, the search was over.  They found the flag, pulled the flag down, and replaced it with a familiar red hat.  President Trump’s “Make America Great Again” hat, complete with a pepe shirt.