So, I’m sitting at my desk, avoiding a looming pile of paperwork in need of my attention, scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed, judging all the people I went to high school with on their mediocre lives and failed endeavors, when I come across this website someone shared. The site was called Hillary Beat

I thought to myself, “that’s weird” and of course I had to click on it. As the page loaded, I considered all the possibilities. It could be a typo, it could be some delusional, yet predictably routine CNN story, or it could be satire. I was just hoping it wasn’t some sexual fetish site, but it was a .org so I figured I was safe and proceeded. It’s actually a site filled with articles and blogs on current events, pretending Hillary won the election and is now the president (never would have guessed that). Now, my first thought was that this had to be complete satire, but none of the articles were funny enough. Some of the headlines made me chuckle, like “Did Ted Cruz Kill Brittany Murphy”, “Clinton wants Remy Ma to handle Her 2020 Debate Prep – Game Respects Game”, and “The KKK sues The Kardashians For Copyright Infringement – The K’s Were Our Thing”, but the overall content of the articles was generally pretty sad. One article in particular, titled “President Clinton Proudly Calls America, a Sanctuary Nation” opened with the line:

“WASHINGTON, D.C. – Mayors of so-called sanctuary cities were thrilled Sunday morning when President Hillary Rodham Clinton released a statement calling America a “sanctuary nation.”

This isn’t satire, it’s a pathetic fantasy, presumably created to alleviate the pain that leftists are feeling due to trumps presidential victory. It seems like one of those coping mechanisms used by snowflake liberals like safe spaces, college play-doh/coloring book group sessions, crying circles, emergency trauma counseling (I’m not making these up), and now we can add President Hillary fantasy news websites.

It definitely seems like it’s morphed into a satire website, but it definitely started as a “Trump is not my president” alternate reality news outlet. Pretty sad. It’s more pathetic than the dude I graduated high school with 14 years ago bragging about his promotion to Shift Leader at Taco Bell to his 280 Facebook friends. Welcome to 2017, I guess. If you’re reading this, you are the resistance.

By: Dave Wilkins

Twitter: @davewilkins12