There is nothing brave about being “Anti-Trump.”  You are not different, you are not brave, you are not special.  Do you have a right to be anti-Trump?  Of course.  Do you have a right to speak out about him, call him names, insult his family?  You do.  Does this make you bold?  Nope. 
Being a liberal, or embracing Democratic ideologies has not only become the norm, but in many ways, it has become the new religious right.  That’s right, libs… you’ve become everything you once stood against.  The new left will attempt to police your language, tell you what you can or can’t wear, where you can and can’t go (safe spaces), Black Lives Matter activists have even begun to segregate college dorms.  They will protest [sometimes violently] against speakers who do not share their same opinions, they want to tell you what to drive, what appliances to use and what to believe when it comes to their ‘science,’ and the list goes on.  Sound familiar?  Yes, that sounds a whole lot like the ideology of the “religious right” that the left-wingers claim to reject.  These used to be the rebels, the fighters for free speech, the outcasts, the free spirits who rebelled against their parents and the way society tried to dictate the youth.  The punks.  Not anymore.


Conservative is the new punk.

It’s no longer ‘cool’ or ‘rebellious’ to be anti-right.  It’s now not only considered the norm by mainstream media, hollywood and major social media platforms, but it’s being pushed as the only way to be.  Your job, your business, your safety is now at risk if you publicly reveal yourself as conservative, republican, alt-right,  or anything that doesn’t line up with the left.  Countless businesses and even charities have been boycotted by the left for supporting, or refusing to denounce Trump.


Yes, the left is even boycotting a fundraiser for children with cancer, because it is being held at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Club.  It seems that they would rather see children die of cancer than be affiliated with the Trump family in any way.  Celebrities and sports icons have been hammered with attacks for endorsing Trump, or not hopping aboard the lefty bandwagon.

Look at the New England Patriots:  Tom Brady was under fire during Super Bowl week and beyond for once being photographed with a “Make America Great Again” hat in his locker.  He was deemed  a white supremacist by several idiots on Twitter for allegedly speaking on the phone with President Trump… That’s right.  That’s all the evidence that social justice warriors need to deem you a racist –  Field a call from the President.  Even Robert Kraft, who has donated more money to Democrats than any NFL owner, and Bill Belichick have been ridiculed by the press for supporting President Trump as a friend or as a politician.  Would this happen if they endorsed Hillary Clinton?  Nope.


And don’t you dare win the superbowl if you have some white athletes on your team, or you might just be the KKK of the NFL


The left ironically will claim that “love trumps hate” … while taking part in hate filled protests, with hateful signs, hatefully assaulting innocent Trump supporters, damaging local businesses … or perhaps…  torturing an innocent mentally challenged white kid for days, carving away pieces of his head and forcing him to drink dirty toilet water, making him say  “F*ck Trump” and “F*ck White People” into the camera …while live streaming the whole thing on Facebook.


But the media will have you believe that it’s the democrats who are under attack from “racist Trump supporters.” Left-wing media will dive all over any reports of a ‘hate crime’ by the right – even though many of these cases turn out to be self-inflicted hate crimes: for example – Remember that church that was supposedly burned down by ‘racist Trump supporters?’  Yeah that turned out to be a black member of the church.


Or how about that poor muslim woman who was assaulted by a group of Trump supporters in a subway, and had her hijab pulled off, prompting the media to go into a frenzy, and even release an instructional video on how to protect your hijab from racist right-wingers?  Well.. it turned out she made that whole story up and was convicted of falsely reporting a crime.


It seems as though there’s more of a demand than supply of right-wing hate crimes for these leftists, while coincidentally they are committing an onslaught of hate crimes against republicans.  Just last week at UC Berkeley, screeching liberals quickly turned a protest into a riot, because a gay immigrant conservative speaker, Milo Yiannopoulos was set to speak to a group of students.  Multiple innocent people were injured by Antifa rioters and triggered students, who were ironically using fascism to protest what they thought was… fascism.  Let’s take a quick peak at the definition of “fascism”


So the “Anti-Fascists” are using violence to suppress a citizen with a dissenting point of view… using violence to stop him from exercising his first amendment rights…


I’m old enough to remember a time where if you dared to question the president, his massive failures, or insult his family, you were immediately labeled a racist, bigot, blah blah blah… the usual attacks.  The president, his wife and his kids remained off limits.  This was only about a month ago, when President Barack Obama was in office.  But according to the left, there is no such thing as racism, so long as it’s directed towards white people.  So the media is in full swing bash-the-president mode for the next 4 years, and I don’t see it changing.  Here’s the deal:  If you’re anti-Trump, you’re on the same side as CNN, ABC, NBC, Huffington Post, Now This, The Daily Show, The NY Times, Vox, Mic, Salon, Saturday Night Live, 99% of Hollywood, hell, probably about 99% of mainstream media.  You are not original, you are not special, you are not bold, you are not interesting.  You are entitled to your opinions, but there is absolutely nothing brave about being anti-Trump.

Jesse Wilkins
Twitter: @DoubletakeJesse
Instagram: @Themeninisms
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