Oh man, this is not a good look for the reality TV star. Apparently, her neighbor caught her on video hanging over her fence like a legless horse trying to climb out of a swimming pool, rambling incoherently about about the end of the world and witches. The neighbors definitely made the right call by not intervening with that craziness; whipping out the iPhone and shooting a video was certainly the safer choice. 

Normally, this would disturb me, but it’s probably only the 3rd craziest celebrity rant I’ve heard this week, following Madonna threatening to blow up the White House at #2 and Ashley Judd easily taking first prize for her “nasty woman” rant at the women’s march in DC. This is just normal behavior for Hollywood celebrities nowadays. It’s a shame really, but I suppose it’s their job to entertain us.

Oh, I should probably mention that she (Barton) claims she was drugged by someone with GHB, but I don’t buy it. That’s like the classic “my twitter was hacked” excuse people use when they say stupid shit on twitter.
-Dave Wilkins

Twitter: @davewilkins12