The marching started on Inauguration Day, January 20th. A peaceful rally of liberal reality deniers, screaming and hurling peaceful trash barrels engulfed with flames of tolerance through windows of businesses that donated large amounts of money to the presidential candidate who ran against the one whose win they were protesting.

This was followed by a women’s march the following day. A screeching cacophony of misguided pleas for a pre-achieved level of equality. An even bigger crowd made up of mostly feminist women and beta males decked out in funny pink hats and vagina costumes insisting they be taken seriously.

Their agenda: free birth control, free abortions and free tampons courtesy of your federal tax dollars. They claim it’s their right. They believe they have an unalienable right to your money; that it be forcefully taken from you and used to pay for shit they want. WANT- not need. Some of the other issues they claimed to be marching for were Muslim rights. Some American women even wore hijabs to express their support for the Muslim women’s right to be oppressed in a free country as well as the violently oppressive country they presumably escaped from. Now, don’t be closed minded; there’s nothing hypocritical about a bunch of American feminists marching in support of a religion that inherently oppresses women. There’s nothing hypocritical about members of the LGBTQ marching in support of a religion whose laws call for the public stoning of homosexuals. Don’t be a bigot. Bigotry is frowned upon by feminists… unless you’re a Muslim.

One week after the free abortion march came the annual March of life. Something you probably never heard of because the media won’t report it because the mere thought of not killing your baby is unthinkable to the left. This march represents the other half of women in America. The ones who don’t believe killing their children is a right. They march for the rights of the unborn children that can’t speak for themselves. The feminists claim they march for the rights of women even though half the women don’t agree with them.
The feminists are losing it. They’re being oppressed by women who don’t want to kill their babies, and the oppression has gotten so bad, they’ve resulted to covering their heads in hijabs and calling out “Allahu Akbar” – a praise to the god of the religion that would have them thrown off a roof for voicing their opinion. Those poor oppressed feminists, their heads are exploding. Figuratively, of course – thanks to Donald trumps Muslim terrorist ban.
– Dave Wilkins

Twitter: @davewilkins12