WATCH: Tucker Carlson sat down with a Gun Control activist to debate the topic of restrictive gun laws in Chicago and its impact (or lack there of) on the murder rate.  Do stricter firearm laws save lives?  Well after 762 murders took place in one of the cities with the most strict gun laws… that’s a tough one to argue. 

Via FOX News:

After the close of a year that saw 762 murders in Chicago, a city with some of the toughest gun laws in America, Tucker Carlson took a look at whether the left’s central assumption about gun control is wrong.

Joshua Horwitz, the executive director of the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence told Carlson that one of the main reasons for high levels of gun violence is trafficking of weapons from precincts with lax laws.

He noted that Chicago is very close to Indiana and Wisconsin, which have looser gun laws than the Windy City.

Carlson responded that gun violence is very low in states with such lax laws, like Vermont, New Hampshire and Wyoming, declaring that trafficking cannot be the sole cause of Chicago’s high murder rate.