This beautiful creature had a complete meltdown when the Ohio electors voted for Trump. Sporting her purple simple-sweater and surrounded by butt-hurt Clinton supporters, the sounds of mourning and chants of “shame” echoed through the room.

From The Blaze:

The footage came from the Wisconsin Electoral College meeting Monday after the chairman announced that all the electoral votes from the state were awarded to Trump.

The crowd bursts into boos and yelling as one woman screams, “You sold out our country! Every one of you, you’re pathetic! You don’t deserve to be in America!”

Desperate Democrats had targeted electors with a media campaign attempting to persuade them to vote against what they were elected to do in order to stop Trump’s victory. Some pro-Trump electors even reported getting death threats. The “faithless elector” campaign suffered a severe setback when U.S. intelligence agencies refused their request to have classified information released to them about whatever evidence there was of Russian election interference.