News of the second terror attack of the day just broke.  This time in Berlin, Germany.  Another truck attack, as a driver plowed into a Christmas market, in what looks like another islamic terror attack.  The first attack of the day happened in Turkey, when a Russian Ambassador was assassinated on camera by a man shouting about violence in Aleppo.  Watch the graphic video here.  

Via Fox News:

A truck plowing into a crowded Christmas market in Berlin on Monday causing multiple injuries is being treated as an attack, according to German news source DPA citing police sources.

Berlin police said nine people have died and at least 50 people were injured when the truck drove into the Christmas market outside the landmark Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church on Monday evening.

Local German media report that at first glance the incident was an attack on the Christmas market on the western part of Berlin.

A policewoman reportedly told German media outlet Bild that there was at least one fatality.

The incident is reminiscent of the truck terrorist attack in Nice, France this summer.

The Associated Press contributed to report.