By Jesse Wilkins

Colin Kaepernick, one of the most talked about athletes of the year, just took his biggest “L” yet.  Not only has he lost every single game this year, not only did he praise one of the greatest oppressors in the last 100 years, while “taking a stand against oppression,” but he just got benched in the 4th quarter vs Chicago, after throwing for literally 4 YARDS THE ENTIRE GAME.  

Now let me break a couple things down for you non-football fans out there.  Colin Kaepernick was a shit Quarterback before he stepped into the spotlight as an “activist.”   This performance was not only his shittiest of all time, but it might be THE shittiest performance by any Quarterback or any athlete at any level of football… or sports.  Throwing for 4 yards in a game is unheard of.   This would be equivalent of a starting pitcher in baseball walking 8,000 batters in a row, while only throwing 4 strikes.  This was about as effective as a one-armed, half dead, 97 year old Shaquille O’neal lobbing free throws from the parking lot while blindfolded.   4 yards.  4 yards would be a shit performance from a backup QB who only took one snap in a game.  The big difference?  Kaepernick played almost the entire game.  

Now lets give credit where credit is due, Colin did have some shining moments in his short career.  He lead his team to a super bowl, before falling short to the Ravens, he also took them back to the NFC championship game… but then his career took a nosedive, sending him to the bench, before he decided to stay on that bench during the national anthem.  We here at TheMeninisms called this as a publicity stunt from the beginning.  Colin did not have the starting job at the beginning of the year because he’s a trash QB.  He decided to take a knee to get cut from the team because he’s a trash QB, in hopes of landing a starting job elsewhere.  Instead, the media, his teammates, and other athletes rallied behind him and supported his cause.


The controversy not only shined the spotlight on him, but also seemed to play a roll in getting his starting job back…  His existing fans, and new fans went nuts.  Liberals and #BlackLivesMatter activists everywhere rejoiced as their leftist hero would march back onto the field to save the 49ers and ‘bring social justice to the forefront’ as he carried his team to the playoffs.  Only issue?  People seemed to forget… that Colin is still a trash QB.


Colin Kaepernick proceeded to lose literally every single football game that he started in, in 2016.  Not only was he exposed as an awful QB, but at the same time he was exposed as an awful activist.  It turns out that his knowledge on social issues runs about as deep as the internet geniuses who quote “occupy democrats” memes as sources.   Kaepernick was called out by Cuban-born reporter Armando Salguero for rocking a Fidel Castro shirt during an interview.  This piece digs deep into how little Kaepernick really knows about oppression.  Read Salguero’s Piece Here


Not only that, but after pretending that he wanted to make a difference in America, he admitted that he didn’t even vote in the election.

Well, my friends.. It looks like Kaepernick’s days in the NFL are numbered, because he just put up the worst performance of his career… against the Chicago Bears.  4 passing yards against one of the worst teams in the NFL.  As if his controversial political opinions and complete disrespect to troops around the country wasn’t enough of a liability for teams looking to sign a new QB, he has also proved to be a liability under center.  Kaepernick took one too many L’s on and off the field this year.  He will forever be remembered as a garbage Quarterback, and to many… a shitty, uninformed, failed activist.

Jesse Wilkins
Twitter: @DoubletakeJesse
Instagram: @TheMeninisms