I saw a video on YouTube by a silly feminist and it raised the question “should men have a say in abortion?” She pointed out that they should because not only women can get pregnant. She explains:

“The list of people who aren’t women and can get pregnant include transgender men, non-binary people, and intersex people. So why is it important to be more inclusive when we talk about pregnancy, abortion, and reproductive rights?”

Let’s stop and see if we can’t analyze what the fuck just happened. I assume that most of you have no clue what a non-binary intersex transgender man is, not because they’re completely made up terms, but because you’re a bunch of gender conformist pigs. But let’s break it down:

Non binary
– someone who believes their gender to be something other than the classic male or female

– someone who is born with a sexual anatomy that doesn’t fit the typical definitions of male or female

– someone who believes they have or is transitioning from male to female or visa versa

So what did it mean when she said the list of people who can get pregnant includes yet is not limited to women but also non-binary people, intersex men and transgender men? It means that the only men who can get pregnant are women who believe that they are men and the fact that they got pregnant doesn’t prove that men can get pregnant, it merely proves that they’re not men. But maybe I’m wrong, maybe I’m just a bigot. Let’s see what science says.

Science says that humans have 22 pairs of chromosomes plus two chromosomes known as gender chromosomes: XX for female and XY for male equaling a total of 46 chromosomes – resulting in two genders. So we raise the question, is gender in fact binary? Well according to science it is, however there is one exception to the 46 chromosomes rule. Sometimes babies are born with more than 46 chromosomes – does this mean that there are extra genders?


If a baby is born with extra chromosomes, it means that it’s mentally retarded. Since liberals claim to be the party of science, I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and roll with the scientific explanation. You’re either born a male or a female and if you believe you’re a male, but you get pregnant you’re probably wrong – unless you’re mentally retarded. According to science.

-Dave Wilkins

Twitter: @davewilkins12

P.S. You can watch the original feminist piece of shit video here 👇🏼

Piece of shit video