SHOTS FIRED AT OHIO STATE!  Surprise surprise… another shooting, more demand from the left for #GunControl.  Only problem?  This wasn’t a shooting.  In fact, this was a stabbing by a Somali refugee by the name of Abdul Razak Ali Artan.  Too early to play ‘Guess that religion?’  Probably not.  But unlike the left,  we here at TheMeninisms like to wait for the facts to come out before jumping to conclusions. 

It didn’t take long for politicians and celebrities on the left to jump to conclusions and demand gun control legislation.  Our favorite failed VP candidate, Senator Tim Kaine immediately weighed in about this ‘senseless act of gun violence.’



And according to Shannon Watts, founder of an anti-gun facebook group, it was ‘too late’ for these victims of ‘gun violence’ to ban the non-existent guns…

shooting 2.png


But hey, its 2016 – the year of the left being wrong about everything.  I’m sure that since Ali didn’t have a gun, we won’t hear much about him from the left, because he was using a knife… and the left only cares about dead bodies when they’re victims of a shooter.  Preferably a christian one.