Even before I was a Trump supporter I remember thinking to myself how amusing it would be to watch all of my liberal friends absolutely lose their delicate minds over a trump victory. Well, it’s been two weeks since we the people, myself included, voted Mr. Donald Trump into office and that’s exactly what’s happening.

Liberal chaos.
You have the same Occupy Wall Street protesters out protesting the loss of the Wall Street backed candidate; you’ve got washed up bands including Rage Against The Machine and Green Day who are supposed to be all about fighting the system, fighting the power, fighting against big government, infuriated because the presidential candidate who represented big government lost to the candidate who represents individual liberty. We’ve had 3 people appointed to trumps cabinet and each one has been erroneously deemed racist anti semites by the mainstream liberal media.

• Reince Pribus – head of the vile and bigoted republican national committee appointed to chief of staff,

• Steve Bannon – chairman of Breitbart news – responsible for the success and careers of hundreds of men and women, many of which are Jewish as well as members of the LGBTQ, community – he’s apparently a racist anti-Semitic Woman hater appointed to chief strategist

•Senator Jeff sessions from Alabama, the man who desegregated schools in Alabama and executed the head of the Kkk – appointed US attorney general and immediately accused of being a racist and having ties to the KKK.

There was an article in the Huffington post this passed week where the writer stated that those of us who voted for Trump have “a lot to prove” to everyone else regarding our deeply rooted racism. This level of arrogance is an example of the entitlement that the majority of the working class is frankly sick of hearing. Nobody has to prove anything to you. If you think I’m a racist because I didn’t vote for the candidate you liked, then it’s on you to try to verify your blanket accusation. I vote for policy, not personality, not character, so good luck. A Morgan State University professor hit the Twitter machine with this ground breaking solution: He believes that if you’re born white, that means you’re born with white privilege and technically haven’t earned any of the money or wealth that you possess and should therefore give it all to black people. A professor said that.

If you’re asking yourself how the least favorable presidential candidate in the history of American politics could be elected over anybody, well this is the answer. Tell working class Americans that they aren’t entitled to their money because they were born to a particular race. Then tell voters that because they voted for lower taxes, individual liberty, secure borders, and a stronger military that they now have to prove to you that they’re not racist due to the behavior of the candidate that they voted for. Ask people their opinion and then rather than engage them in political discourse, just call them racist. Dismiss all opposing political viewpoints and retreat to your “safe space” because an opinion that doesn’t align with your own subjective beliefs offends you.

Donald trump is a representative middle finger from everyone who’s had to put up with the whiny leftist snowflakes protesting reality- we’re sick of the crying, we’re sick of being called unintelligent by people who are unqualified to determine any level of intelligence, were sick of being called racist by members of the party of segregation, the party of the Ku Klux Klan, the party of slavery – the Democratic Party
Dave Wilkins

Twitter: @davewilkins12