Thanksgiving is here.. and that can only mean one thing:  Liberals are fully prepared to completely and blindly contradict themselves once again.  Thanksgiving is a time for giving thanks, spending time with your family, and for liberals: accidentally making yourself look like a complete fool once again.  

So here we go.

There’s no doubt that you’ve seen one of these memes floating around, the classic: “Celebrating the day Americans fed undocumented aliens from Europe” meme.  Obviously pointing at the people who are against illegal immigration or refugees coming from Syria, while celebrating Thanksgiving.


Lets put aside the historical shortcomings of this meme and stick to the hypocrisy here… Because here comes meme #2 from the liberals.  The classic: “Happy Exploitation & Eradication of Native American people day” meme.


So this meme shows that the Native Americans were welcoming of the refugees, who, according to the liberals: slaughtered them, took their land, built malls on burial grounds, imposed their religion, raped and stole everything from them.

So… which one is it, lefties?

Meme #1 – Are we supposed to welcome the refugees in with open arms, since the Native Americans did on Thanksgiving?

Meme #2 – Or should we fear the refugees since according to you, they were savages who stole their land and imposed their religion upon the people?

I’ll just stick to pointing out the hypocrisy of the left and stuff my face with Turkey this Thanksgiving, and be grateful that we took over this great land and turned it into the greatest nation in the world.


Jesse Wilkins
Twitter: @DoubletakeJesse