Apparently Wanda Sykes didn’t learn from Amy Schumer’s failure on stage not long ago. Amy and Wanda have one thing in common: they aren’t funny. Besides not being funny, they don’t hide their hatred for anything that doesn’t fall into line with their liberal nonsense. Now they have another thing in common: They both have been booed by stadiums full of people who didn’t find their political rants funny at all.

This is what happens when you try to mix politics with comedy and aren’t clever at all. Plenty of comedians know how to mix the 2. Louis CK, Bill Burr, and George Carlin all seemed to be experts at mixing politics with comedy while not having complete meltdowns. See here’s the thing: People go to comedy shows to laugh. Not to be called a racist or a sexist. The left has been telling republicans that they are racist, sexist bigots if they support Donald Trump, and this is why Hillary LOST THE ELECTION. I’m glad she got booed, she deserved it because she has 1 job: be funny. She wasn’t funny.