This photo is floating around social media today and people keep sharing it as if it matters.  Now us critics of Hillary have kicked back, grabbed some popcorn and have been enjoying watching the complete meltdown of the left.  Meanwhile, the Clinton campaign is still attempting to make Hillary look human.  Remember on 9/11 of this year, after she collapsed from pneumonia, when a 6 year old girl managed to bust through the secret service to hug the contagious woman?  Yeah that was staged… and here we go again, another pathetic hoax. 
Here is the original post:


The chance encounter a mother hiking with her daughter had with Hillary Clinton the day after losing the election may not be what it has been made out to seem.

Margot Gerster was out hiking with her daughter when she ran into Hillary and Bill Clinton in the upstate New York town of Chappaqua, where the Clintons have a home. 

She took a photo with the former first lady who beamed from ear to ear, appearing to have had the weight of the world lifted from her shoulders as she stood next to Gerster. 

Clinton was said to have been out walking her dogs with former president Bill Clinton, when Gerster spotted them.

My first thought?  The photo looks photoshopped.. Hillary’s head looks big and fake… but it turns out the photo is legit and she just has a big weird head.  Here’s where they failed:

From DailyMail –


The chance encounter Gerster had with Clinton gained national media attention as it was the first time Clinton had been photographed after losing the election.

However, some critics allege that their meeting while hiking was staged and not random at all.

Adding more fuel to those claims is the fact that it’s actually not the first time they’ve met.

When Gerster was in high school, her mother held a fundraiser for Clinton at Crabtree’s Kittle House in Chappaqua.

Gerster and her sister posed for a photo with Clinton inside the restaurant which happens to be one of the politician’s favorites, as the siblings smiled next to a beaming Clinton.

The fundraiser their family hosted may have been during the period of time Clinton was running for senator or when she served as senator for New York.