By Democratic Dave

Well, the election is over and no glass ceilings have been broken, which is good because typically when glass ceilings break, shards of broken glass rain down on the people standing beneath it. Forget Donald trumps policies and his character for a minute; just my Facebook feed full of crying liberals this morning has made standing in line at the polls worth it.

The most common gripe that I see people posting about is how the uneducated Trump supporters have ruined the country. I resent this and here’s why:

I was not a Trump supporter from the beginning. I voted for Ted Cruz in the primary and even when he suspended his campaign, I didn’t jump right on the Trump train. Reason being, I wasn’t about to support a candidate that I didn’t know anything about. He was also running against a candidate that I knew very little about in Hillary Clinton. Now I knew that Hillary was a pretty bad candidate given her recent email scandal and what went down in Benghazi while she was Secretary of State, but I was fairly unaware just how deeply corrupt she actually was. So what did I do? Well, I educated myself. I looked up 18 US code 793, the espionage act and I learned that it was a felony statute. I learned that that meant she was technically not even eligible to run for president; or any office for that matter. I read a good portion of the leaked emails from WikiLeaks, I read Clinton Cash, I connected all the dots and I realized based on the research I had done over recent months that this woman would make a horrible president. I also paid attention to everything that was being reported about Donald Trump and I learned that while he is riddled with character flaws, nothing that the mainstream media was reporting on had anything to do with his proposed policies. So what did I do? I researched his policies and I learned that his plan to lower income tax and capital gains tax would put money back into the pockets of the American working class and incentivize companies to expand and create jobs. And I know that would happen because it worked once already under Reagan. We coasted that economic boom from 1980 all the way until the market crashed in 2008.
These things are all verifiable. These are things that Hillary Clinton supporters refused to acknowledge. They refused to educate themselves on these issues and Hillary’s failed campaign reflected it. Uneducated voters didn’t ruin the country, educated voters stopped uneducated voters from ruining the country.
– Dave Wilkins

Twitter: @davewilkins12