By: Democratic Dave
The third and final debate is in the books and it was a knock down drag out bare knuckle free-for-all. Moderator, Chris Wallace did his best to keep everything under control, and I think he was the most fair of all the moderators (not that the bar was set particularly high) but not even he could keep the peace.
After the debate, CNN’s panel of “usual suspect” lousy political commentators went at it and as usual, complained about a bunch of things that don’t matter. All was normal and dull until some capeless hero swooped in and delivered his own commentary. See for yourself in the video below

“Rapist! Bill Clinton is a rapist!” Some random dude screamed over the commentary for a good seven minutes (I only shared the first few seconds) and it was most entertaining part of the segment. Watch everyone try to ignore it, it’s awkward but entertaining.
One part I will comment on is the controversial comment where Trump said that he wouldn’t accept the election results in the event of a Clinton victory. This was 100% the right answer for a number of different reasons. First of all, the question is a garbage question. It implies that he’s going to lose, so for him to reject that possibility is not only smart, but important for his image. If he gave any other answer, it would imply that he has, to a degree, accepted defeat. Second of all, the reason liberals are losing their mind over this is because prior losers have always conceded to their opponents in the past. Donald Trump has run his entire campaign on the fact that he’s different from past politicians and that he’s anti-establishment. For him to say that he’d concede would go against everything he’s structured his campaign on and would be irremediably damaging to the image he’s built for himself. Finally, for him to concede to Hillary Clinton after calling her out for her verifiable corruption, her blatant incompetence as it pertains to national security, her violation of espionage statute, and her negligence that lead to the deaths of 4 Americans in Benghazi would be morally reprehensible and detrimental to his campaign.


This is all true, but the mainstream liberal media portrays him as a sore loser and the election hasn’t even happened yet.
-Dave Wilkins 


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