Evidently, Libertarian nominee for president, Gary Johnson is an avid TheMeninisms.com reader.  Rumor has it, Gary read our recent article about all of the moronic things he has said or done in interviews, and decided it would be a great idea to give us another cringe-worthy idiotic moment.  

Gary Johnson was on MSNBC with Chris Matthews and he had himself what he called “another Aleppo moment.”  If you didn’t see that clip, check it out here.  Now I think it’s safe to say, that before this interview, most Americans also didn’t know what Aleppo was either, but when running for president, you have to understand what is going on in the Middle East.


Well, Aleppo is one thing… but this interview is much more concerning.  Gary Johnson was hit with one of the easiest questions ever asked to a presidential candidate: Who is your favorite foreign leader – that’s it.  Some called ‘The Aleppo Moment’ a trap question, because many don’t know what Aleppo is… but this was a layup.  In fact, this was a WNBA layup.  All he had to do was not say Putin, and he would’ve been fine, but no.  Not only did he not name someone good… he flat out couldn’t come up with the name of a single living foreign leader ON EARTH.  Well, Gary… you’ve done it again.

Jesse Wilkins
Twitter: @DoubletakeJesse
Instagram: @TheMeninisms