Gary Johnson is legitimately one of the dumbest politicians of all time.  Lets put aside the fact that he’s the worst ‘libertarian’ ever.  Let’s just look at some of the insanely strange and outrageous things he’s done recently.  

Let’s start with space.  No, not a safe space.  Outer space.   Yes.  In an interview with ABC, Johnson informed us that inhabiting a new planet is the only thing we can do, because of global warming.

Just when things couldn’t get stranger with Gary, for some reason, he decided to stick his tongue out while talking during another interview.  Sounds strange?  Looks even more strange.  Watch –

This is the guy that’s the “3rd option?” .. This is the guy that disenfranchised Bernie supporters are turning to?  I mean… we’re all about NOT voting for Hillary Clinton, and we are happy to see these newly devout socialists throwing their vote away, but this is your guy?


How about one more for good measure.  Here’s a clip of him losing his cool when a reporter called illegal immigrants “illegal immigrants”

What have we become, America?  God save us.

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