The biggest head to head moment since Mayweather Pacquiao aired last night, and it didn’t result in one guy running around the ring to avoid conflict.  Donald Trump took the stage vs Hillary Clinton in the first presidential debate, while millions looked on waiting for sparks to fly.  

I was a little disappointed that when they finally met face to face, they didn’t start throwing haymakers back and forth, pummeling each other into 2017, but I suppose that wouldn’t be a good look for either candidate.  Holt, the biased, political hack of a moderator, kicked off the debate by asking about trade.  Trump handled the question well, talking about the unfair trade deals with China and Mexico, while slamming Clinton for her role in the tanking economy.  Even Mark Cuban, a Hillary supporter, agreed that Donald did well on that topic, in an interview with Meghan Kelly, following the debate.


Then things got dicey.  Holt asked Trump about his tax returns, to which he responded with a perfectly reasonable answer: his lawyer advised him not to release them, so he didn’t.  When Holt asked follow up questions (because he didn’t like Trump’s perfectly acceptable answer), Trump turned the tables on Hillary, claiming that he will release his tax returns when she releases the 33,000 emails that she deleted.  Boom.  The moment we had been waiting for.  But here’s where Trump messed up… he brought it up, then he moved on.

We can only hope that Trump will continue to hit Clinton on her biggest flaws: her past.  While Trump has an arsenal of dirt on Hillary, he seemed reluctant to pull out all the big guns in the first debate.  Hillary spent the entire night on offense, attacking Trump.  Instead of pivoting, towards the second half of the debate, Trump had a tendency to drag out answers and repeat himself.  Bad?  Yes.  Damaging?  Not really.  Here’s why:

Trump went into this debate a huge underdog.  He didn’t have much to prove.  All he really had to do was go out there and not shoot himself in the foot.  He came close to doing so, but at the end of the day, he didn’t change anyones opinions on himself.  Still the same old trump, and that’s ok.  The polls are dead even for now, and that’s thanks to a massive comeback by Trump – things are moving in the right direction for his campaign.

Clinton had a much bigger mountain to climb.  No, it’s not because she had a “glass ceiling” or because she is a “woman”.. none of that.  She had more to overcome because nobody trusts her.  Clinton gave the same old answers, while smirking like an old stroke victim, even giving a cringe-worthy little shoulder shimmy at one point.  Gross.



Clinton did nothing to prove that she is trustworthy.  A much harder task than Trumps task of – not looking like a lunatic.  And for this reason, Trump got the slight edge over Clinton in this debate.  It wasn’t pretty, and it wasn’t a slam dunk for either candidate.  Hillary certainly seemed more prepared, but still not prepared enough.  Her opening response to Holt’s question was clearly memorized (poorly), as she fumbled through her pre-rehearsed answer.  She flat out lied about her opinions on TPP, and kept trying to pin Trump as a racist for the birther issue (the issue her own campaign started in 2008).

But don’t take our biased opinion on it, we hate Hillary more than any politician in history.  Let’s have a look at the polls.


Yikes.  The people have spoken.  If these numbers are indicative of how this election will go, republicans are in great shape.  And imagine if Trump comes out guns blazing next debate?  You could be looking at a massive jump in the real polls and an advantage going into November.