Another day another city in flames at the hands of the biggest hate group in America, Black Live Matter.  This time, in Charlotte, North Carolina, while protesting “racism” because a black guy got shot by a black guy for pointing a gun at a black police officer (yes, really)… a mob of black racists took a break from looting their local Walmart to attack an innocent white person for being white, in an attempt to show just how concerned they are… with racism?  

THIS is what racism looks like, people.  They stripped this guy naked, and continued to beat and rob him, while he begged for mercy, because he happened to be white.  But you won’t hear much about this on the news , because they’re too busy burying stories like this to tell lies, like the LIE that Keith Scott was just “reading a book, waiting for his child to get off the bus, when he was shot to death by police”… well it turns out that”book” looked  a lot more like a handgun that he pointed at police.  But let’s riot over what looks like a perfectly justified shooting, instead of the actual racism.

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