TRIGGER WARNING: THIS GUY IS WEARING A HAT.  Did you know that 75% of the letters in the word “HATE” are H-A-T?  Not only is it a HAT.. but it’s a RED HAT.  But what words are on this red hat (keep in mind that red is the same color as murder blood)?  Well, I’ll tell you… the words on this young fascists hat were “make america great again”… THE NERVE! 

Well, here we go again on American college campuses – triggered social justice warrior leftists just simply “can’t even” when it comes to Donald Trump’s hateful slogan: Make America Great Again.  This time, we see a young lady, who BY THE WAY – is also wearing a hat, get unbelievably offended at another college student who was … wait for it… WEARING A HAT.

She goes on to inform this young man that wearing this hat is ‘hate speech’ because it represents white supremacy, and anti-immigration / people of color (none of these things Donald Trump has ever said).  The funniest part of this whole video is that she clearly didn’t understand the difference between illegal immigration and legal immigration.  But, we didn’t expect much more from her, since the sight of the hat alone caused her to flip out.