Awkward clip of the day:   One of the roughly 38 people in attendance at a Hillary rally took the stage following Tim Kaine’s speech.  We don’t know why or what she had to say, because they cut her mic off immediately when she grabbed it.  

She stood around and yelled for a short while awkwardly, while security refused to remove her, probably because they don’t want to look like mean ol’ Mr. Trump… who handles his problems.. but not the democrats, they will let you awkwardly pace around the stage and yell, because they’re a “tolerant party,” which means they will tolerate temper tantrums, no matter how foolish and weak they will appear.

This is reminiscent of a Bernie Sanders rally a few months back, where a couple of Black Lives Matter protesters took the stage to yell sweet nothings into the microphone, demanding a platform to babble complete nonsense as Bernie stood by like a good little humbled communist, while his event turned into an incoherent, teenage, open mic – autistic poetry slam.


Well, Bernie chose to stand around, and Tim Kaine chose to flee the scene immediately, which was probably the smart move… although, the smarter move would’ve been to toss her on her ass out on the sidewalk, but the democrats don’t tolerate law and order, they tolerate madness.