By Democratic Dave

I was scrolling through my Twitter feed earlier today, as I often do when I should be doing something more productive, and I came across a Twitter argument between two people with apparent opposing viewpoints. Baffling, I know, but I couldn’t help noticing how tiresomely predictable the whole thing was. You have a Trumper (for lack of a better term) making some basic, semi-coherent points and a trashbag leftist (for lack of a worse term) using almost every “go-to” liberal debate rebuttal in the book. I found it somewhat amusing, but instead of joining in and schooling them both with my heroic intellect, I took it upon myself to compile a list of the 5 most predictable arguments from a defeated liberal

1. “Try Watching Something Other Than Fox News”

I’ve seen this one used a lot and I’m not sure what it’s even supposed to prove. I don’t think anyone should get all their information from mainstream media because they’re all biased, but what does it say to assume someone gets all their facts from Fox News? What it says to me, is that if you assume I get all my facts from mainstream media, then mainstream media must be all you watch. If I make a point, make a counterpoint. Don’t come back with a blanket accusation of a source that you subjectively find to not be credible. If you can’t handle that, sit down and leave politics to the adults.


2. “The Science Is Settled”
(Usually used in response to anything said regarding climate change)

This is Liberal logic 101- back in June, California passed a bill that would make it punishable to deny that humans cause the climate to change because, quote, “the science is settled”. Now juxtapose that with the New York law that makes it illegal to deny there are more than two genders and you have a paradox.. because apparently, science only matters as long as it fits the liberal agenda. Debunked.
3. Simply Comparing You Or Your Candidate To Hitler
This one is the epitome of hyperbole and almost guaranteed to be used by every unenlightened discourse rookie. You know who’s comparable to Hitler? Literally nobody. That guy was in a category of his own, mainly because of the genocide, but also because of the Moe Howard haircut and Charlie chaplain mustache. I’d say someone should have told him how ridiculous he looked, but I don’t think I’d want to be the one with the job of telling one of history’s most ruthless sociopaths he looks like a stoic bellhop with down syndrome. Either way, it’s a weak argument, but leftists would be lost without it.

4. “You’re Offending Me”
(“That’s offensive”, “you’re triggering me”) This is the saddest rebuttal, but it happens all too often. This “rebuttal” comes out when a leftist is presented with incontrovertible facts and doesn’t have any facts of their own to either support their arguments or counter yours (because they never have facts because all their ideologies are based on lies). When the “you’re offending me” rebuttal rears its ugly head, the argument is over and you’re an insensitive bigot. Which brings me to number 5…

5. You’re A Racist/Sexist/Bigot 
When a leftist has exhausted all other options, they’ll play the racism card as if it somehow dignifies whatever asinine point they were trying to make. “You’re racist” directly translates to “I have run out of things to say” or “I never had a coherent argument to begin with, but everything I’m saying is verifiably inaccurate and I can’t handle it.” When arguing with a leftist, you will be accused of racism 100% of the time. In fact, simply disagreeing with leftists makes you a racist by default. If you think humans don’t affect climate, it’s because you’re racist. If you see Hillary Clinton coughing blood and question her health, it’s because you’re a sexist. Taxes are too high? You shut your intolerant mouth you deplorable bigot.

What we’ve learned is that if you get all your information from Fox News, you’re nothing but a xenophobic, science denying, sexist nazi on a mission to offend all hypersensitive democrats with your stupid facts. A completely rational debate tactic. Happy Monday and congratulations on your new found racism.

Dave Wilkins

Twitter: @davewilkins12