Kid Rock is the shit.  Love this dude.  I can’t stand country music, but Kid Rock’s mix of country / rock / rap / classic southern rock-ness is just enough of a perfect mix of everything that I’m not a huge fan of to make me a huge fan of it.  Kid Rock is the essence of American redneck fuck-yeah music and he just had the most American fuck-yeah moment of his career.  

Colin Kaepernick has been in the headlines lately, and unless you’ve been living under a rock, let me brief you.  Colin decided to sit down, then take a knee during the national anthem because he’s irrelevant.  Colin has been looking to get cut from the 49ers, in hope that he will land a starting job elsewhere in the NFL.  Only issue?  Colin BLOWS at football… couple that with the fact that he has a massive amount of guaranteed money, and the fact that he’s a race-baiting cancer to his locker room, single-handedly dividing the previously racially unbiased NFL, and you get an attention seeking, bench riding, phony.


Well, Kid Rock has some words for you, Colin.  During his show at Fenway Park in Boston, Kid Rock yelled out “Fuck Colin Kaepernick” in front of one of the most massive American flags while performing his hit song, born free.  Trigger warning: if you’re a race-baiting, flag hating, unpatriotic little bitch, you’ll hate this video.