By Democratic Dave

Students at Saddleback college in California caught a liberal gender studies teacher tearing down the posters they had made memorializing the lives lost in the September 11th terrorist attacks. In the video, you can see known terrorist sympathizer, Margot Lovett, approach the students with her foolish purple hair and try to explain the reasoning behind her act of malice. 

She directed them to one of the colleges “free speech areas” and instructed them to get a “stamp of approval” from student government before she proceeded to throw the students posters in the trash. (See one of the posters below)

Where do I start with this basket case? What the fuck is a free speech area? This is America, everywhere is supposed to be a free speech area. Colin Kaepernick is praised by leftists for sitting during the national anthem, but if a few students want to memorialize the lives lost in 9/11, they need to go to a “free speech area”?

Who is this flake? Oh I know. She’s the buffoon who made the news in 2001 for endorsing an anti-American statement made by the Black Radical Congress blaming U.S. Imperialism for the 9/11 terror attacks. This is indicative of the backwards agenda of the left. Set up “free speech areas” for people to express themselves and then set up safe spaces for people who are too sensitive to hear opposing viewpoints. How does that fantasyland prepare kids for the harsh realities that life will inevitably hurl at them? I don’t know. Maybe this hypersensitive middle aged professor is just angry at the world. Dejected due to her students inability to apply the information she spews in her useless gender studies lectures to their lives. I suppose I’d be pretty bitter too if my job was that futile to society.
-Dave Wilkins

Twitter: @davewilkins12