Miracle Mattress, a mattress and bedding store in San Antonio, Texas may have committed internet suicide.  They posted a tasteless ad, promoting their ‘Twin Tower Sale,’ and as you can expect, it wasn’t received well by… anyone.  

Now we here at TheMeninisms consider ourselves experts at offending people, one could even call us ‘professional trolls,’ but certain things remain off limits.  This ad not only crossed the line, but pissed all over the line while crossing it.  The manager, and star of the stupid video, Cherise Bonanno issued an apology almost immediately, and took the ad down after a ton of backlash from very angry people.  It didn’t take long for their Facebook rating to take a nose dive, racking up over 2,400 one star ads in just a few short days.  Their overall rating now averages just a measly 1.2 stars.


Now we recognize that they have the freedom to say what they want, and we even respect the freedom to purposely offend people, just like Colin Kaepernick has the right to take a knee during the National Anthem, like an absolute coward, but that means we also have the freedom to let you know when we believe you’re acting like an incredible moron.  The people have a right to rip you to shreds on the internet and you deserve every bit of it for acting unpatriotic.  I’m happy that your ratings now blow and you’ll probably go out of business, and I’m happy that Colin will spend his remaining days in the NFL on the bench where he belongs… Not because of his political beliefs, but because he’s an absolute shit QB.


Let Miracle Mattress know what you think of their ad by leaving a rating of your choosing and a review on their facebook page.  CLICK HERE