By Democratic Dave

Hillary Clinton got absolutely obliterated by a hard hitting question from U.S. Navy Veteran, John Lester, Last night during the MSNBC Commander in Chief forum.

Lester: “As a Naval flight officer I held the top secret sensitive compartmentalized information clearance. And that provided me access with materials and information highly sensitive to our war fighting capabilities. Had I communicated this information not following the prescribed protocols I would have been prosecuted and imprisoned.

Secretary Clinton, how can you expect those such as myself who are and were trusted with America’s most sensitive information to have any confidence in your leadership as president when you clearly corrupted our national security.”

You could feel the tension as Hillary stared daggers at the former naval officer while he publicly asked her the first question she’d been asked in months that wasn’t “how was your weekend?” or “how was your flight?” He went straight for the jugular and there was nothing that her lover boy, moderator, Matt Lauer could do to bail her out of it. So she proceeded to do the only thing she’s good at, lie through her corrupt yellow teeth.

“Classified material is designated, it is marked, there is a header so that there is no dispute at all that what is being communicated to or from someone who has that access is marked classified.”

She explained further, referring to “use of an unclassified system by hundreds of people, in our government, to send information that was not marked, there were no headers, there was no statement, top secret, secret or confidential.”

To which, wikileaks founder, Julian Assange immediately responded on twitter:

Even without the incontrovertible evidence provided by Mr. Assange, we know that she’s completely full of shit. We know this because of the FBI investigation that was outlined by director, James Comey in early July before a House panel. Comey stated that the investigation found 110 emails with “then-classified information” that she either sent or received.

She thinks we’re stupid. It’s baffling to me that she stands up there and blatantly lies to us regardless of the facts she knows we’re aware of. She gets away with it because the media covers for her by hitting her with (trigger warning: sexist metaphor) softball questions, holding her hand through the tough ones, as well as dismissing any and all criticism as sexism. Throughout the entire forum, you see Matt Lauer engage in gentle conversation with Hillary while all but lacing up the gloves and duking it out with Donald Trump himself.

Trump did ok, considering Lauer was ready with an arsenal of loaded questions and 3 year old tweets to bombard the republican candidate with. It was amusing to watch him ask Clinton a question, let her answer and immediately move on, while assaulting Trump with questions and then repeating them and rebutting them as if he were debating rather than moderating.

As frustrating it is to watch the biased liberal media put on their dog and pony show, it was pretty refreshing to see Hillary finally get eviscerated by none other than a U.S. veteran serving her with a heaping spoonful of sit-the-fuck-down.

-Dave Wilkins

Twitter: @davewilkins12