With all the hype around ‘common sense gun control’, Steven Crowder and Not Gay Jared took to the streets to see just how much people actually knew about the hot topic.  They set up a booth for “Citizens Coalition for Common Sense Gun Reform” or CCFCSGR for short, where they had a display of semi-automatic “assault rifles” and handguns for the public to stop by and see.  

From Louderwithcrowder.com —-

If you’re reading this, you probably know the difference between an automatic and a semi-automatic weapon. You now know more than “common sense gun control” advocates. That’s because you, the fabulous person reading this post, has at least two brain cells to rub together to form a cogent thought. Which makes you seven bajillion times smarter than the average anti-gun loon, who knows as much about guns as a lobster knows quantum physics. Therefore we’re exposing just how little anti-gun ninnies (who vote) don’t know. It’s frankly a little bit scary. As in holy crap, hide under a blanket.2

Ignorance thy name is leftism. The more anti-gun the moron, the more vocal that moron seems to be.


I cannot state this enough: these uneducated people vote. They watch the “news.” They listen to Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, and believe Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama when either of them says anything about the scary, black boom-boom sticks. Or even just the regular variety boom-boom sticks. Which again I say, you already knew.

So next time your local anti-gun leftist opens his/her/ze’s mouth to bitch about guns, make sure you show them this video. The opposition is stupid, yes. But massive in numbers. Time to educate the lobster-brains as best we can.