“Let’s start with the war on women. Specifically, there is no war on women in the Republican Party. Women are fully engaged and involved. The war on women in the Middle East where women cannot vote—is the problem. The American war on women is unemployment and failed economic policies that impact single mothers living in poverty and no hope of a job.
Via Western Journalism

Smart women know Hillary and Obama’s real record and we are voting for Donald Trump. And we know the most shameful war on women is the one that Hillary Clinton wages on her husband’s girlfriends. She has a disgraceful record of bullying, lying, cheating, and hanging on on to her husband’s coattails to advance her personal agenda. That is not historic, that is repugnant. It’s not an achievement in feminism. It is just the opposite. And informed American women will not be fooled by a candidate who has disgraced our State Department, refuses to hold press conferences and hides behind her husband.”