In the most ironic of stories today,  Donald Trump’s ex-campaign manager Corey Lewandowski becomes quite angry when former New York Assembly Speaker Christine Quinn, a triggered anit-Trump woman, touches his arm.  This is the same man who grabbed reporter Michelle Fields’ arm, allegedly leaving bruises, in a patriotic attempt to save Trump’s life.  

The entire panel gets quite tense as they discuss the recent DNC speech by Khizr Khan.  Lewandowski defends Trump’s response to Khan and his wife for remaining silent during the speech.  Quinn was not pleased.  Watch the exchange below.

Also ironic:  Democrats bashed the republicans for allowing Patricia Smith (the mother of one of the Benghazi victims) to bash Hillary during the RNC… then turn around and praise Khan for doing the same to Trump.


Only difference?  Trump was in no way responsible for the death of Khan’s son… can’t really say the same for Hillary.  One could even argue that Hillary is partly responsible for the death of both heroes, since she was in charge of Benghazi AND voted for the war in Iraq.

Jesse Wilkins
Twitter: @DoubletakeJesse
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