Ben Shapiro joined Meghan Kelley yesterday to talk about DePaul University’s recent banning of him speaking at the school.  The University blamed Shapiro for the history of violent reactions to his speeches, even though all of the violence was not coming from his supporters, but those protesting against him.  

You may remember another recent event with Milo Yiannopoulos at the same University.  This event was disrupted by a group of Black Lives Matter supporters, who were not interested whatsoever in having a debate, but instead, yelling and screaming (no surprise there) and even standing on stage, blowing a whistle every time Milo tried to speak.  So what did the DePaul University security do to stop this?  You guessed it – absolutely nothing.


Not only did the security just stand by while the entire event turned into a train wreck, but they had the nerve to charge the young republicans EXTRA for security before the event, in an attempt to stop Milo from speaking all together.  But Yiannopoulos doesn’t just give up that easily.  Since the speech was disrupted, instead of sitting around or going home, the entire audience (minus the BLM protesters) marched to the deans office and held a peaceful protest of their own.


So DePaul has a message for young students:  if you stamp your feet and scream, you can get your way.  Even if it’s a pathetic and unconstitutional act, DePaul has got your back.  OR:  you could have just not gone to the event, since it wasn’t a mandatory assembly, and you could’ve stayed in your little safe space and not worried about a diversity of philosophy invading your fragile little ears.


Feel free to let DePaul know what you think of their communist-ways by commenting on their facebook page, as many have done so already.

Jesse Wilkins
Twitter: @DoubletakeJesse
Instagram: @TheMeninisms