Suit up, you racists.  Lets get ready for another ride on the white privilege train.  Two disturbing videos have surfaced of the shooting of Alton Sterling the other night.  The left-wing media has immediately confirmed the motive behind the shooting as -you guessed it:  pure racism.   

Now lets not rule anything out, the 2 police officers could absolutely be racist, but to draw this conclusion based on zero evidence thus far, would be irresponsible.  We here at The Meninisms choose to form our opinions based on facts, statistics and evidence, so lets do just that.

[WATCH] Video of the shooting here (WARNING: GRAPHIC)

Fact: Police were called to the scene after being informed that Alton Sterling was allegedly pointing a gun at people.

Fact: Alton Sterling was a known criminal, and sex offender.  He had a long record including previous confrontations with the Baton Rouge police, one incident included a wrestling match with an officer that included a gun.

Fact: Alton Sterling was carrying a gun.  Illegally.

Fact: Alton Sterling was not confronted by police for “selling his CDs”

Fact: Alton Sterling was accused of intending to distribute, produce, or manufacture marijuana, court records show. In conjunction with the same charge, he was convicted of “knowingly and intentionally possessing a firearm while in possession of a controlled dangerous substance.” The drug charge was dismissed when he entered a guilty plea, the court records show.  In 2011, Sterling was sentenced to 5 years of hard labor in the Louisiana prison system concurrent with any other sentence.

Fact: The video shows police tackle Sterling to the grown, and wrestle while he resisted, then both of the videos briefly cut away and you hear the cops yell “He’s got a gun!”  Then you hear 6 shots go off.  All of which appear to have hit Alton in the chest.

Photos: Some of the documents from Alton Sterling’s arrest record & rap sheet

These are just the facts so far.  Any motive or reason for his killing is considered jumping to conclusion at this point.  Unlike the left, I will not sit here and say that racism was the driving motivation to shoot Sterling, mainly because there is no evidence yet that supports this claim, other than the simple fact that he is black and the officers are white.

I will also not say definitively, that due to his long history with violent confrontations, resisting and possessing firearms illegally, that this was the reason he was handled so roughly.  I will also not definitively say that he was reaching for the weapon, since the videos that I have seen did not prove or disprove these claims.

At this point what everyone should do, is let the FBI do their job and investigate the case.  If some evidence comes forward that supports the notion that these officers were in fact racist: perhaps they made racist posts online, or maybe they were members of the KKK, or if they had a history of wrongfully shooting or arresting people based on their race (none of this has presented itself thus far to my knowledge), then we can start to figure out what the motive may have been.  For now, what we have is an unfortunate situation for Sterling and his family, and an unfortunate situation for the police officers, who have already been convicted in the court of public opinion (driven by black lives matter and left-wing media) without due-process as usual.  Because the more and more we go along, whether it’s jumping to conclusions on racism, or trying to ban law-abiding citizens from legally purchasing weapons, the democrats and left-wing media have no regard for due process.

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