For The People, Buy The People
By: Andy Belmont


Excuse me.

Liz Warren…

Are you there?

Because I’m still here.

And you know what else is still here? My massive, crushing student debt that Elizabeth Warren said she would eliminate while campaigning her way to a senate seat in Massachusetts.

What has she done to alleviate student loan debt?

Absolutely, positively nothing.

The ice queen who was going to bring the big banks to their knees has only engaged in a petty twitter squabble with republican nominee Donald Trump.

Instead of being bitter that her ovaries are as shriveled and dead as her soul, why doesn’t she live up to her campaign promise?

She is a typical politician. Campaign on promises that cannot be fulfilled, get sworn in, become rich, and do whatever you please.

It’s sad that the only Republican hope in Massachusetts was the seemingly normal Scott Brown.


What the hell happened to this guy?

He gets elected in a special election. Serves 2 quiet years then loses in the next election. What happened?

He became an absolute psycho weirdo is what happened!

He gets in, becomes rich, does Literally nothing, then puts out a book about being molested as a kid.

That must be horrible and I am not making fun of that, but what was the point of that? Who the fuck are you listening to?

Then you move up to New Hampshire to run for Governor?


Did anybody see him during the campaign? It was a complete joke. He looked like an Ostrich wearing a man suit that was eyeing the door in every gym he gave a half hearted speech in.

Am I just rambling incoherently?


But we deserve competent politicians that live up to campaign promises, aren’t only looking to enter the ranks of the rich upon election, actually get something done rather than drum up twitter beef, and don’t represent massive land birds that cant fly and look ridiculous in Armani suits.

Andy Belmont
Twitter: @RonanChristmas