How much more backwards could liberals get? Not a lot if you think about it…

In today’s day and age, everything seems to have become awfully ‘liberalized’, and it only seems to be getting worse. Anything from bathrooms, guns, money, you name it, has fallen to the empire of our nation’s worse half. Now, I’m not saying that some things being liberalized is a bad thing. For instance: war. I believe that we should be a little more of an introverted nation rather than one who goes out to drop a bomb on a country just cause we have the resources, money, and fuckin’ ‘Merica. No. That’s not me; but when it comes down to it, more liberalization, more problems. Here are a few examples and analyses of current day issues that have become more than liberalized and only get worse with every flipid comment coming from the disgusting jaws of Hillary Clinton…


  • Gun Control: Gun control really just comes down to this: blame-shifting liberals. I once saw a clip of an episode of American Dad that really says it all for gun control. Stan, (a CIA agent) was standing in the kitchen and his wife had asked him a question about something and he just started pulling guns out of no where and setting them on the counter. Then his daughter, Hayley, says to him ‘this place is full of guns! Don’t you know that guns kill?!’. Stan calmly set a glock on the countertop and told the gun ‘go ahead gun, kill. Go ahead. Do it. Kill someone.’. Of course, the gun didn’t kill anyone. As stupid as the show may be, Stan does in fact have a valid point. Of course, liberals are smart enough to know (hold on; I better be careful when I say that) that guns just don’t walk up and shoot someone, anyone with a brain would know that. This is why gun control is a pointless, petty, mute issue. You cannot control guns. You can control the idiot that is shooting it.2.22.12news-trull-transgender-protest-edit
  • Transgender Individuals in Cis Gender Bathrooms: Besides when Benjamin Franklin created the concept of daylight savings time, transgendered individuals in Cis gendered bathrooms may be the biggest scam known to Americans that have a brain. The whole transgenders in bathrooms issue comes down to one fundamental question: how many kids are you willing to have raped in order to accommodate 0.3% of the American population? How many is it? 100? 1,000? 10,000? Any number is too much. If one kid has been raped by a “transgender” (which there already has been at least one) it’s a problem. As a final note on this topic, and as a note to anyone to anyone who thinks allowing transgenders into bathrooms they shouldn’t be in, America is not a poor, depressed, undeveloped nation where rapes, famines, and civil wars are a daily event. Turn on your brain and get your shit together, America!635773394288048502-1020733044_politics-protest-black-lives-matter2
  • “Racism”: Racism: defined as a belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human racial groups determine cultural or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that one’s own race is superior and has the right to dominate others or that a particular racial group is inferior to the others. Sound familiar? By this definition, the groups that come to my mind are Black Lives Matter and any other black superiority group that exists. When you go and over-run a Donald Trump rally, you’re an idiot. When you jump on cop cars and pound the hoods of them like a bunch of savages straight from the jungle, you’re an idiot. If you are a member of the Black Lives Matter movement and you think that you are being oppressed, you are… (Wait for it…) a racist. Your black life is worth no more or no less than any other white life. The truth is, all lives matter. There is no superior race, nor inferior. When God created man, he created man equal. Whites equal to blacks; and blacks equal to whites. All lives matter.


To anyone who is triggered after reading this short editorial, I am dearly not sorry. It might help to run to your safe space in whatever bathroom you think you belong in and get emergency counseling with the tri-gender-pyro-fox who is taking a piss in the urinal next to you. Or you could keep an open mind and listen to what is being said in each paragraph and at least use your brain to try and understand where the sensible people of this nation are coming from. Now, I am no politician or Harvard University scholar, but I am a man with views; strong views. And by my rights given to me by the First Amendment of the Constitution of The United States of America, I will voice those views and voice them loud and clear.

Just a dude being a guy
Luke St. Dennis