Congressional democrats have staged a sit-in in attempt to pass a bill that would strip citizens of their constitutional rights. More specifically, it would cause people on no fly lists to be stripped of their 5th amendment right to due process, making it extremely difficult to get off the list even if the reasons they were on the list in the first place were completely unfounded.
The bill was shut down by the senate 3 days ago, but when the democratic representatives didn’t get a turn, they stamped their little feet and demanded a vote of their own. Even though, that’s never been how congress works.

The movement was spearheaded by democratic congressman, John Lewis, who has a legendary civil rights resume  which includes speaking at 1963’s march on Washington, leading the demonstration that became known as Bloody Sunday, marching alongside Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and now he can add sitting on the floor of the House of Representatives and crying because he didn’t get his way.
This was merely a publicity for the democrats. Knowing their temper tantrum would be futile, they sat on the floor anyways, certain they’d get attention from the media. And they did. That is, until house speaker, Paul Ryan ordered the cameras be turned off, but that didn’t stop the sobbing congressmen from taking selfies and tweeting videos, even though it’s against the rules.
So let me get this straight:
We’ve got a bunch of Law makers breaking rules in order to make more rules that they expect criminals not to break

Makes perfect sense.

I don’t know about you, but I side with the congressmen and women who stand up for our rights. Not the ones who sit on the floor like toddlers and try to take our rights away.
Dave Wilkins

twitter: @davewilkins12