Why The Left Refuses To Blame Islamic Terrorism
– Socialist Seth

Every time there is a mass shooting, Democrats seem to have a strange obsession with blaming things or people that really shouldn’t be blamed.

For instance, in Garland, Texas, Pamela Geller held a contest to see who could draw the best cartoon of the Prophet Muhammed. Well, ISIS got wind of the contest and two well-armed terrorists showed up prepared for a bloodbath. Instead of blaming the growth of terrorism or the presence and influence of ISIS both in the world and within the United States, Democrats blamed (what would be, had it not been for two well placed revolver shots to the heads of the terrorists by a cop) the victims.


Yes, that’s right. Instead of blaming the actual criminals, it was the fault of the victims for exercising their first amendment right. According to the left, at least.
Another example, ISIS affiliates slaughtered over 100 in Paris, and the American Liberals blamed a whole slew of things including but not limited to, Donald Trump’s Proposed Ban on Muslims, America’s negligence to greeting Syrian “Refugees” with open arms, Climate Change (courtesy of that lunatic Bernie Sanders), Islamophobia, and Guns; all of which held no significance in the actual attack. The Left has a strange obsession with blaming things and people for terrorist attacks even when blaming anything other than Radical Islam would be complete lunacy.


Why do they consistently blame the victims alongside other things and not what people who have a dash of common sense would blame? Is it sheer incompetence? Or is it strategic? Well, it started with sheer incompetence, but now they are engaging in a strategy to try to downplay the consequences of their own incompetence and bad decisions.
The Obama Administration’s Globalist foreign policy really hasn’t solved much. The Left knows this, and the Democrats don’t want to appear as the failures at fighting terrorism they really are. Obama exchanged Four high-profile terrorists from Guantanamo Bay for Bowe Bergdahl (who if you recall is the military deserter who joined Al Qaeda), whilst pulling out of Iraq too early and creating the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, or ISIS, as they’re more commonly called. Keep in mind, that one of the high profile terrorists released was Al Baghdadi, who is now seen as the Calif of ISIS. Al Baghdadi is to ISIS as Osama Bin Laden was to the Taliban. The Obama Administration also had a strange urge to overthrow Qaddafi during the Libyan Civil War. To many, it looked like Barack Obama had finally grown some balls and was standing up to the bad guys when in reality, he and Hillary Clinton didn’t really know what they were getting into. When Qaddafi was overthrown, Radical Islam quickly took over and Libya is now a living hell governed by Sharia Law.


The Left refuses to acknowledge the growth of Radical Islamic Terrorism today because by doing so, they would be acknowledging the existence of the consequences of their own stupidity and bad decisions.
Which is where sheer incompetence turns into strategic cover-ups.
If you haven’t watched the movie “The Naked Gun” with Leslie Nielsen, there is a scene where a building is getting blown up from the inside out and Nielsen is insisting to a crowd of people gawking at the building going up in flames that there is, “Nothing to see here! Please disperse!”

That is what Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are doing.
Obama downplays ISIS by calling them the “JV Team,” because he doesn’t want you and I to realize that ISIS is the result of his horrible decisions. Obama insists ISIS is contained and retreating even when their presence is so obvious it scares even the people insisting that Islam is the religion of peace. Obama tells us ISIS is no credible threat to our National Security, even when the Director of the CIA tells us that ISIS is nothing BUT a credible threat to our National Security.
Barack Obama is lying through his teeth to keep his approval ratings up so he can get a nice job in the UN after he leaves office.

Seth Wilkins (Socialist Seth)
Instagram: @SocialistSeth