I first heard of “thin privilege” when I saw it in a facebook meme and assumed it was pure satire. I understand that privilege exists to a degree and I can even buy into some of the narratives that go along with it.

Geographical privilege, for example, makes perfect sense. Being born in a first world country gives you a massive advantage over someone who’d been plagued with the seemingly insurmountable impediment of being born in a third world country. But when you start to dig deeper into what “privilege” really is, you start to get all these funny little subcategories like straight privilege, Christian privilege, male privilege, and cis privilege, which is apparently different from male privilege. For those of you who don’t know, cis is a chemistry term relating to a molecular structure where 2 atoms or groups lie on the same side of a given plane of a molecule. The term has since been adopted by feminists, approved by the committee of people who make shit up and is now used to describe someone who identifies with the gender to which they were born. Cis privilege is different from male privilege because a female can identify as a male and then reap all the benefits of male privilege, but cis privileges would remain off limits. None of this is stupid, it all makes perfect sense, trust me.


Then it gets deeper. Like, way deeper. It gets so deep, that it enters into somewhat of a parallel universe. It’s called “thin privilege”, it’s VERY real and it apparently only applies to women. Thin privilege awards you life advantages such as:

* Lower health insurance premiums

* Doctors not assuming you have diabetes

* Only having to buy one airline ticket for yourself

* Having a body shape that isn’t considered part of an epidemic

* Knowing you’re pregnant before you give birth

Those are just a handful of examples. But wait, all women are oppressed, right? Remember male privilege? The checklist that gives hundreds of examples of how men are privileged and women are oppressed? This means that thin women are actually privileged while also being oppressed at the same time. Holy shit, it actually is a parallel universe.


Nobody’s life is easy. Everybody is dealt a different hand, sometimes you’re dealt good cards, sometimes you’re dealt shitty ones. Sometimes you’re dealt fat cards. Deal with it. The people who overcome the hurdles life throws at them are the ones who suck it up and figure it out rather than make up excuses. Take it from me, an upper middle class, straight, white, thin cismale from the suburbs of a first world country.

Dave Wilkins
Twitter: @davewilkins12