The EU announced their new “code if conduct” that Google, twitter, facebook, youtube and other major social media platforms have signed onto, agreeing to a number of new guidelines that would include erasing unwanted speech within 24 hours from their social media platforms.  They didn’t just promise to get rid of incitements of violence, but they agreed to get rid of HATE SPEECH and “incitements to hatred.”

EU commissioner Vera Jourova proudly announced on twitter “The internet is a place for free speech, not hate speech.  IT companies commit to review & remove online hate speech”  — so she wants to protect your ‘free speech’.. by censoring your ‘free speech’…

hate speech

One of their objectives stated that “The IT companies and the European Commission, recognizing the value of independent counter speech against hateful rhetoric and prejudice, aim to continue their work in identifying and promoting independent counter-narratives, new ideas and initiatives and supporting educational programs that encourage critical thinking”
This means these tech firms have literally signed up to teach us how to think.  To use only the information that the EU approves of.

These are unelected bureaucrats colluding with private corporations to decide on what they think is appropriate critical thinking and what they decide is “hate speech.”  The idea that a private business can decide to censor you if they don’t agree with you is scary.

If they want to remove death threats and other forms of speech that could be considered a ‘call to action,’  this would be a step in the right direction.  People are already being held accountable for what they say on the internet, but only encouraging critical thinking if it opposes what you deem “hate speech” is not freedom at all.  This is fascism.  The hashtag #IStandWithHateSpeech has been used by those who oppose the EUs efforts to silence anyone who they decide isn’t being politically correct.. because sometimes facts and statistics are labeled as “hate speech” when it offends the left and their fantasy world they’ve created for themselves.

– Jesse Wilkins
Twitter: @DoubletakeJesse

Instagram: @Themeninisms


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